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The Future of...

Jul 26, 2022

Dr. Shadi Hamid is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and an assistant research professor of Islamic studies at Fuller Seminary. He is a contributing writer at The Atlantic, where he writes a monthly essay on culture and politics. Hamid is also the co-founder of Wisdom of Crowds, a newsletter, podcast, and...

Jun 3, 2022

Atul Tiwari is the CEO of Cult Wines.

Hailed by Investment Executive as
‘having a knack for knowing what’s next’, Atul is thrilled to have successfully married
his extensive investment experience with a passion for wine to introduce this unique
asset class to the Americas market. Atul leads with investment rigor,...

Apr 18, 2022

Rafael Brown is a game designer, game developer, XR technologist, and studio head. He is a 25 year veteran of the game industry, who traces his roots to Looking Glass and Thief, and saw this generation of virtual reality start on John Carmack’s desk 11 years ago while working on Rage. Rafael loves building...

Mar 25, 2022

Professor Stephen Foerster is a Finance Professor at Ivey Business School, Western University. We spoke about his new book "In Pursuit of The Perfect Portfolio" on the development of finance as an academic field, its evolution and the future of investing.

Feb 28, 2022

Matt Clancy is a Senior Fellow at Institute for Progress. He's also the creator of the website "New Things Under the Sun", a living literature review about innovation. 

You can visit Matt's website "New Things Under the Sun" and subscribe to his newsletter.

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